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What does it mean to be “Reformed?” What is a Reformed Baptist Church?


We have two excellent articles on the Resource page of this website that answer these questions. Please feel free to read them or to download them for your reference.

What is your statement of faith? What do you believe?


Our statement of faith is the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. If you would like to read the confession, it is available on the Resource page of this website.


What Christian group or association are you aligned with?


The Southern California Association of Reformed Baptist Churches (SCARBC).


What can we expect in your worship services?


Since we are devoted to declaring the redemption that is found in Jesus Christ, you can expect that our worship service to be Christ-centered and Gospel-focused. Our Sunday worship services consist of prayer, the reading of God’s Word, congregational singing, and preaching. You will discover that we place great emphasis on the importance of preaching.

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